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How to improve promotion results? Where to find growth points?
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Contextual marketing

Contextual advertising:

  • kontekst vygodno
    1. Working with micro budgets
    2. Reducing the cost of advertising
    3. Priority on sales!

    We able to keep our prices low due to an experienced and well-coordinated work of international team of specialists.

  • kontekst bistro
    1. Fast and quality ad placement
    2. Constant campaigns monitoring
    3. Always in touch

    Big team of specialists, who simultaneously and consistently conduct the analysis, development and implementation of solutions

  • kontekst effectivno
    1. Our aim is your sales
    2. We involve a full range of adjacent channels
    3. We constantly do tests and increase the output
    4. Only targeted audience

    Because of our big experience of increasing sales in small and mid-size business sectors we know where to find growth points of audience attraction

  • kontekst personalno
    1. We guarantee a full involvement in your project
    2. We develop an individual strategy
    3. We find nonstandard solutions
    4. We help to sell!

    Sales are our main focus. We don’t achieve the achievements and don’t increase parameters.

While you’re thinking, your competitors already are going forward (promoting?). We’re ready to start working on personal advertisement for you now! Contact us!

Big guns from 799 USD

Administration of a prepared small ad campaign. Suitable for a very limited ad budgets.

Novice from 199 USD

Onetime setup and launch of campaign, campaign administration during 30 days + consultation on how to self-administrate in Yandex Direct or Google adwords. Get a 30% discount on the second system while launch simultaneously in both systems.

Jumpstart from 599 USD

Setup, launch and administration of the campaign.

Value from 1 199 USD

Setup, launch, administration, + additional active campaigns, deep analytics, target settings and prompt reports.


  • Chelovek vvodit interesuyushchiy yego zapros, vidit Vash sayt v poiskovoy vydache 1
    User enters a request and sees your website in SERP
  • Pereydya po ob 2
    User clicks the ad and gets to your website
  • Sovershayet tselevoye deystviye (ostavit' zayavku) 3
    User performs the target action (fills a form)
  • Vy prodayete tovar i zarabatyvayete den'gi 4
    You sell product and make money
20 000Ads’ displays in Yandex and Google
1 000Clicks on ad
200Leave a request
30Make a purchase
10Remain regular costumers
  • More calls
  • Increased traffic
  • Advertisement cost reduction


  • landing page Landing page
  • sait catalog Catalog website
  • internet magazin Online store
  • web - portal web-portal

can't decide?

We can help you to choose the right tariff!
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Administrate campaigns by yourself!

By trusting professionals from the accredited agency you get a better advertising while saving your time. If you administrate a campaign by yourself – we most likely are able to decrease your monthly ad spending and increase output of invested money not just covering the cost of our work but decreasing your budgets in recalculation on cost of sale.

Hire contextual advertisement specialist

To have an experienced contextual advertising professional in-house in Moscow would cost you at least 50.000 rubles + taxes (another 40.000) which makes it around 90.000 rubles of the company's expenses. The specialist will need 28 days off a year. And even if your employee never gets sick he or she works 11 month a year and will cost 1 080 000 rubles. A hire of such specialist will also take some personal time of a company executive. That will be an indispensable worker that’s why during the days off or sickness the functions are going to be assigned to someone else. This might lead to mistakes and failures in ad performance and ineffective funds expenditure.

Administrate campaigns in Yandex and Google directly

Contextual advertising systems’ managers administrate a large number of clients what decrease the attention they pay to your ad campaign. We instead value every client. Your success is our achievements. Besides that our aim is not internal indicators such as high CTR, increased number of clicks and displays. We don’t improve the improvements. Our aim is your sales!

Campaigns administration by other agencies What can we offer oppose to our competitors?
  • Quality campaigns development
  • Analysis and correction regarding the output
  • A team of certified specialists and regular certification of our agency
  • Always a personal approach to every client
  • Low prices and great service
  • The main target is your sales!
  • There are not many of our competitors who take up this task.

To order a professional campaign or to get a consultation get in touch with our manager.


We are ready to calculate budget for free for you. We’ll do an approximate displays and budget forecast in Yandex.Direct and Google Adwords.
by pressing this button you accept processing of your personal data
What you should expect when you choose Avada for pay-per-click advertising:
  • 1 Increased attendance of your website

    We write effective texts for your ads which will apply to your target audience. The number of website’s visitors will increase due to the highest possible response to query entered by the user and also the effective use of stop-words.

  • 2 Decrease of the advertising cost and increase the number of target visitors

    Our aim – is to adjust your advertising campaign to be more effective and more “clickable” than your competitors’. It will lower the final cost of campaign. Constant monitoring of the bids by our specialists will lead to raise the target audience covered by 50-60% and bring 40-50% of new potential customers.

  • 3 Increase of the quantity of the buyer’s calls

    We shall choose the right landing pages. Our work with content of the page will interest a visitor and give him a call to action.

  • 4 Increase the number of online sales

    Professionally adjusted PPC advertising will significantly increase the number of your website visitors and the number of clients ready to make a purchase.

  • 5 We provide recommendations for landing page development, if needed.

    Landing page is a specially designed web page to increase sales. In order to get the maximum output of your online sales, we shall supervise its development by your contractor or shall develop the landing by our specialists.

  • 6 The simplicity of the control of the advertising campaign and competitors’ analysis

    You see the current state of the campaign through accounts’ guest access where the report is formed. We attach phone numbers and track target calls.

We analyze, recommend, and search for new marketing solutions with you, month by month. WE DON’T ADVERTISE. WE HELP TO SELL!
  • Client: AutoHERMES
  • Partnership period: Partners since 2005
  • Traffic: more than 20 thousands keywords
  • Conversion: 95% of keywords in TOP-10
  • What we’ve done: Website development, SEO, SMM/SMO, Contextual advertising
  • Client: Natalie Tours
  • Partnership period: 2 years
  • Traffic: 31 500 daily visitors
  • Conversion: 60% of search key words in TOP-10
  • What we’ve done: Website development, SEO, SMM/SMO, Contextual advertising
  • Client: Grecomania
  • Partnership period: 2 years
  • Traffic: 2721 daily visitors
  • Conversion: 92% of search keywords in TOP-10
  • Client: Spasskiye vorota
  • Partnership period: 5 month
  • Traffic: getting out from Google and Yandex Search algorythms
  • Conversion: 305 daily visitors
  • Client: Online store of spare parts for phones
  • Partnership period: 6 month
  • Traffic: 21 000
  • What we’ve done: pay per position promotion
  • Client: Meatec
  • Partnership period: October 2015
  • What we’ve done: Pay per position promotion
  • Client: EDM-market
  • Partnership period: October 2015
  • What we’ve done: Pay per position promotion
  • Client: Betonly
  • Partnership period: February 2018
  • What we’ve done: pay per position promotion
Contextual advertising with Avada is better than …


USA / USA project Ryan Hudson

Great working with.

I’m really impressed with their level of professionalism and knowledge in the SEO world.

I highly recommend this service by AVADA to any size website!



CEO “Astarta” Titov Sergey

Company “Astarta” has been using service provided by agency “Avada” since 2006. We’ve established strong business relationships. We know that we won’t be let down when we trust advertising to “Avada”. Employees of the agency support us at all stages, from website optimization to ad placement on Begun.

“Avada” Managers react very promptly to any questions; always offer the best option to use ad budget effectively and pay attention to what we wish.

Star Way/Zvezdny put’

Star Way/Zvezdny put’

CEO Star Way/Zvezdny put’ company Shapoval Andrey

During the four year cooperation with Avada we’ve made sure that contextual advertising is actually an effective way to find a client. Our company Star Way/Zvezdny put’ has been using Avada services for writing and optimization of texts and also key words search. Avada managers timely send reports on what search requests brought us the most website visits what allows us to effectively manage our ad campaign.

Sun Vision LTD

Sun Vision LTD

CEO Anatoly Malyshev

That’s always a pleasure to work with professionals in any field. While being professionals at our business we always put competence in the first place and that’s why we always choose the ones we feel confident about. When we were faced with the need to promote our website we went to Avada team, which employees are good specialists and pass Yandex certification annually. A partnership with them has produced us good results – a number of website visits have increased as well as a number of clients. We hope this to continue.



Chief executive Group of companies “AutoHERMES” Eugeny Barzov

Group of companies AutoHERMES started to work with Avada in 2005. During our partnership Avada has proved itself as a reliable and professional company which practice contextual ads placement and promoting, optimizing our websites.

We hope to further cooperate with Avada agency.



зам. ген. директора Емельянов С.В.

У нас небольшая компания, с достаточно ограниченным рекламным бюджетом в Яндекс.Директ. Много экспериментировали самостоятельно, также пробовали с различными рекламными агентствами, но остановились на компании АВАДА. Сотрудничаем с АВАДА уже более года.



зам. ген. директора Емельянов С.В.

ООО «АМИТУР» выражает благодарность компании «Avada» за качественную работу в продвижении нашего сайта среди туристических ресурсов Интернета.

Our team
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  • Aleksandra Ponomaryova
  • Pavel Denisov
  • Anton Fernas
  • Ksenia Latypova
  • Anna Beridukhova
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