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6 techniques to get more Facebook likes

6 techniques to get more Facebook likes

A Facebook like may become a beginning of a relationship with a potential customer. Some people say that the number of likes doesn’t reflect anything real and is good only as far as it looks nice. In truth, however, each organic like is a sign of interest that someone has expressed in your Facebook page. And as such, this feature is a powerful marketing tool that works around the clock.

The following are six tips on increasing the number of likes on your Facebook page. These methods can be combined with one another for greater effect.

1. User competitions

User competitions are a simple way to engage users and get them to follow or like your Facebook page. Prizes that appeal specifically to your target audience combined with simple and clear participation rules – such as liking or following your page – gather quite a sizable crowd.

Some specialized contest apps offer the like-gate functionality, which hides the competition post from view until the user likes your page or takes another meaningful action.

Use contest apps for your user competitions

2. Group discount coupons

Coupons are a tried-and-true yet ever relevant promotion tool. A coupon offering a 10% discount works as a powerful purchase encouragement without any significant damage to your revenue. And it has even greater effect when provided in exchange for liking your page.

Using special apps, you can create coupons that become effective once a specified number of users activates the discount via their likes. This motivates your page followers to invite their friends and may bring large numbers of new likes in relatively short time.

Create group discount coupons and encourage visitors to spread the word.

3. Free e-books

Offering useful and well-organized information may sometimes turn out to be even more effective in promoting your page than contest giveaways and special deals. This is especially true for the B2B model, where free e-books with the content relevant to the target audience prove to be invaluable to potential and existing customers.

Typically visitors are offered to download an e-book from the company website after filling out a brief order form. As an alternative, an e-book can be like-gated – that is, the user can be asked to like your Facebook page in a pop-up window in order to access the download page. While each like both adds to your page popularity and gives you all the information about the user that is publicly available as part of their Facebook profile, this action is much less likely to be declined by the visitor than filling out even a short form.

Engage your audience by offering free e-books

4. Facebook apps

Facebook apps are perhaps the simplest way to collect likes for your Facebook page, which, in turn, improves your brand recognition.

Placing the Like button inside an app works especially well if you promote your apps on Facebook. This like-gathering method can be combined with the others, including user contests, coupons and e-books.

Place the Like button inside your apps.

5. The Like button or block in your blog

A more organic way to encourage visitors to like your Facebook page involves placing the Like button in your blog. Some of your blog readers may be willing to subscribe to your posts or leave non-anonymous comments but are reluctant to sign up, fearing phishing scams and spam emails. Liking your Facebook page provides a safe and familiar alternative.

But make sure this is easy to accomplish. It is unlikely that your blog visitors will take the trouble to go to your Facebook page just in order to leave their like there. However, a Like button or block directly available in your blog requires only a single click and has a much better chance to be used by your readers.

Place social buttons or blocks in your blog.

6. Unique video content

Exclusive interviews, backstage footage, and uncut video versions make excellent like-gated content. This method also mixes well with others: offer your visitors access to exclusive videos after they like a user competition, an e-book, or a discount coupon.

Here are some types of unique video content:

  • Backstage footage from events;
  • Exclusive interviews or movie / game trailers;
  • Uncut editions of restricted or censored videos.

Keep in mind that people can click on your video from another page, hosting, or aggregator, so it is a good idea to get them to like your Facebook page before the playback starts.

Engage your audience with exclusive video content.

While the internet is rife with stories of companies getting thousands of new likes in an instant, in reality collecting genuine, organic likes takes some time, unless you are prepared to splurge on your page promotion. The good news is that the methods listed above do work and can be combined with one another for higher efficiency.

This is a translated version of an article originally posted at AllFacebook

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