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Phone in USA 954-478-6944 Callback

Street address and directions

Phone: 954-478-6944 in USA

Email: milena@avada.us

Address: 9350 Solstice Circle, Parkland, Florida, 33076

Payment information:

Avada, OOO

Mailing address: 105318, Moscow, ul. Ibragimova, 31, korp. 50, ofis 205

Legal address: 127521, Moscow, ul. Sheremetyevskaya, 25-198

INN (Russia taxpayer No.) 7715600802

KPP (Russia registration reason code) 771501001

a/c: 40702810301100000989

Alfa Bank JSC, Moscow

correspondent account: 30101810200000000593

BIC: 044525593

General Director: Sergey Maratovich Milushin

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