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Landing Page SEO

Landing Page SEO - How Sticky Landing Pages Drive Sales

Landing page optimization is a critical component of successful SEO. It’s equally as important as pure search engine optimization. It’s the payload for that effort and investment to drive traffic from search engines to your website. When you optimize your website to appear higher in search engine rankings through a professional SEO program, it’s of vital importance that all those new visitors arrive at an optimized website landing page that meets or exceeds their expectations. A good landing page is worth its weight in gold because it then proceeds to convert those visitors to paying customers. A weak landing page can waste all your investment in SEO because it fails to convert.

What is landing page optimization?

The first page a visitor sees when clicking through to your website is a landing page. Of course, it could be any of your pages in theory. What you want to achieve is that Google search results direct online visitors to your best landing page, the one you have specially prepared to welcome them. Landing page SEO is the art and science of designing that page to perform at its best and persuade the visitor to perform some action such as clicking a Buy button or submitting their email address to download a free report.

Aspects most useful for optimizing

Experience has shown us at Avada that there is some low hanging fruit that every landing page could benefit from. Aspects such as speed of loading, ease of navigation and a very clear call to action are the basic building blocks of landing page optimization. Our specialist expertise enables us to go a lot deeper than that and fine tune a far greater number of page attributes.

Small business search engine marketing

Local SEO landing pages drive profitable traffic to bricks and mortar businesses at their geographic locations. Small local businesses such as restaurants and other outlets that depend on footfall and physical customers coming through the door. This is a specialized subset of landing page SEO that Avada excel at. Optimize your landing page specifically for local online visitors and watch your sales zoom through the roof.

Next steps: Why you should consult Avada

The key to successful website and landing page optimization, including local SEO landing pages, is to engage professionals who know how to deliver results for your business. The objective must be significantly increased conversions and Avada have been achieving that for clients since 1999. We know what the best landing page SEO requires and our Google-certified specialists work on features that are most useful for optimizing visitor conversions. Contact us today on 954-478-6944 for a free initial consultation where you can explain your requirements. We will then put together a proposal that ensures you achieve your online business objectives.

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SEO cases

  • Client: AutoHERMES
  • Partnership period: Partners since 2005
  • Traffic: more than 20 thousands keywords
  • Conversion: 95% of keywords in TOP-10
  • What we have done: Website development, SEO, SMM/SMO, Contextual advertising
  • Client: Natalie Tours
  • Partnership period: 2 years
  • Traffic: 31 500 daily visitors
  • Conversion: 60% of search key words in TOP-10
  • What we have done: Website development, SEO, SMM/SMO, Contextual advertising
  • Client: Grecomania
  • Partnership period: 2 years
  • Traffic: 2721 daily visitors
  • Conversion: 92% of search keywords in TOP-10
  • Client: Spasskiye vorota
  • Partnership period: 5 month
  • Traffic: getting out from Google and Yandex Search algorythms
  • Conversion: 305 daily visitors
  • Client: Online store of spare parts for phones
  • Partnership period: 6 month
  • Traffic: 21 000
  • What we have done: pay per position promotion
  • Client: Meatec
  • Partnership period: October 2015
  • What we have done: Pay per position promotion
  • Client: EDM-market
  • Partnership period: October 2015
  • What we have done: Pay per position promotion
  • Client: Betonly
  • Partnership period: February 2018
  • What we have done: pay per position promotion


USA / USA project
Ryan Hudson

Great working with.

I’m really impressed with their level of professionalism and knowledge in the SEO world.

I highly recommend this service by AVADA to any size website!



CEO “Astarta”
Titov Sergey

Company “Astarta” has been using service provided by agency “Avada” since 2006. We’ve established strong business relationships. We know that we won’t be let down when we trust advertising to “Avada”. Employees of the agency support us at all stages, from website optimization to ad placement on Begun.

“Avada” Managers react very promptly to any questions; always offer the best option to use ad budget effectively and pay attention to what we wish.

Star Way/Zvezdny put’

Star Way/Zvezdny put’

CEO Star Way/Zvezdny put’ company
Shapoval Andrey

During the four year cooperation with Avada we’ve made sure that contextual advertising is actually an effective way to find a client. Our company Star Way/Zvezdny put’ has been using Avada services for writing and optimization of texts and also key words search. Avada managers timely send reports on what search requests brought us the most website visits what allows us to effectively manage our ad campaign.

Sun Vision LTD

Sun Vision LTD

Anatoly Malyshev

That’s always a pleasure to work with professionals in any field. While being professionals at our business we always put competence in the first place and that’s why we always choose the ones we feel confident about. When we were faced with the need to promote our website we went to Avada team, which employees are good specialists and pass Yandex certification annually. A partnership with them has produced us good results – a number of website visits have increased as well as a number of clients. We hope this to continue.



Chief executive Group of companies “AutoHERMES”
Eugeny Barzov

Group of companies AutoHERMES started to work with Avada in 2005. During our partnership Avada has proved itself as a reliable and professional company which practice contextual ads placement and promoting, optimizing our websites.

We hope to further cooperate with Avada agency.

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